i got 99 problems but weed aint one of them.

Always be prepared. it will come in handy.
Lets bring back some class please.

the other day i was at work and we were swamped and the owner was there, he is a funny dude until i heard what he said to me within a 2 min time frame that changed the way i look at him til this day. As the day went on it was still busy and here came this beautiful young woman and i was like wow id love to sit down with her and just talk, then the owner looked at me and said and i quote “psh id eat the corn outta her shit!”. i was dumb founded i mean come on for real ur gonna say that and not even regret it. what happend to the old days where perverted guys wanted pu**y and now its so bad they want to eat corn outta womans poo.

the moral of the story is women should be respected a hell of a lot more.

batman in south bend?

batman in south bend?

bugs bunny will always have the good stuff